, January 19, 2022

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  November 28, 2021

Spiritual harmony with pets

Since the pandemic started, all those who had this kind of a plan last year had to scrap it all because no one was allowed to go out. The only burial spots each family could visit then were the graves of their pets right there in their own backyards....

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  November 27, 2021

The Hunt for Coronavirus Variants: How the New One was Found and What We Know So Far

"The possibility that this new variant may evade the immune response is disconcerting."...

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  March 02, 2021


There’s a Food and Leisure article on Philstar that says, “Average Filipino spends P23,000 yearly on beer — report.” The article misreads the report. The stats it cites are per capita. So the average is the amount, not the Filipino....

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  March 01, 2021

Sara or Bong?

Two personalities closely identified with the President, family in all respects, vying for the public’s attention, and, perhaps, the nod of Tatay Digong....

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