, October 22, 2021

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There’s a Food and Leisure article on Philstar that says, “Average Filipino spends P23,000 yearly on beer — report.” The article misreads the report. The stats it cites are per capita. So the average is the amount, not the Filipino.

Still, it’s not half as bad as the report itself, a study pompously titled World Beer Index 2021. It says per capita expenditure on beer in the Philippines is $485.40 (Php 23,299.20 @ P48/$1), an amount arrived at with convoluted math: $4.25 (the average price of beer in the Philippines, according to the study) times 114.16 bottles (the per capita consumption of beer in the Philippines, as calculated by the 2021 study using 2016 World Health Organization data).

How does the study arrive at the fantastical average price of $4.25 (Php 204.00) per bottle? It adds $1.22 (the price of beer in Philippine supermarkets, according to the study) and $7.29 (the price of beer in Philippine hotels, according to the study), and divides the sum ($8.51) by two. As if the same quantity of beer is purchased in supermarkets as in hotels.

And where does the study get its 114.16-bottle per capita consumption of beer? By the formula Measurement / Population = Measurement per capita. So 12.5 Billion bottles of beer were consumed in the Philippines last year, if you work the formula backwards (Measurement per capita x Population).

Per capita beer stats are useful only in economic studies. The better beer stat for a Food and Leisure article is this: Only 20% of beer drinkers drink 80% of all the beer drunk in this country. So 10 Billion bottles of beer were drunk by those serious-drinking 20% last year. Now, if serious drinking is one case of beer a week, we have over eight million dipsomaniacs in the Philippines.

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