, June 07, 2023

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Pandemic Tales

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It's been quite a ride, and it isn't over. Pandemic Tales are stories of how we are managing it. Surviving it. If you have a terrific pandemic story, send it to ourbrewphil@gmail.com. Accompany it with the relevant photographs. If it pleases the editors, Our Brew will publish it.

  May 17, 2023

The Covid Diaries

Some lost their lives, others their fortune, but most of us lost the ability to function; I regretted not having lived a fuller life - with fewer restraints - when the virus struck us down and we I couldn’t move....

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  August 22, 2021

We Survived Hand-to-hand Combat with Covid

"My father was driven around (hooked to his oxygen tank) around Metro Manila for half a day. Those of us left at home called hospitals and government channels to see if any of them could help us out. Each time we were rejected or told to wait but we knew we did not have time to spare."...

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  June 25, 2021

Quality Survives the Quarantine

"What pandemic? We beat our highest pre-Covid sales figures with less branches open."...

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  May 07, 2021

Renewing Our Faith and Serving Others

‘Despite the blessings that I received during the pandemic, I also want to be honest and say that there were several times wherein I felt discouraged and hopeless. However, it was during those times that I also prayed and reminded myself to have faith in God’...

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  April 30, 2021

Our Daily Bread Food-for-the-Soul Pantry

"How do we bring comfort to people when we need comforting, too? How do we encourage and help them not to lose hope when there are days when we feel helpless ourselves?"...

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  April 29, 2021


"Takot sa akin ang COVID. Promise! Boom! On March 28, my RT-PCR test result revealed positive ako sa COVID. Toink!"...

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