, November 30, 2023

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  November 30, 2023

Dogs in Mourning: Helping Your Pet Cope

Losing a human or another pet can be traumatic for dogs. Recognizing and understanding their grief is crucial, and knowing how to support them is important for their well-being....

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  November 28, 2023

Research on Why Some Filipinos Support Tokhang

One way to understand why the drug policy gained such popularity is by considering how people make sense of harm differently....

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  November 22, 2023

The St. Bernard Dogs in Baguio: Tourist Attractions or Victims of Exploitation?

In the picturesque city of Baguio, the St. Bernard dogs, once celebrated for their heroic deeds in the Western Alps, find themselves at the center of a heated controversy....

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  November 21, 2023

Conrado De Quiros: Rara Avis

Losing a friend like the much-admired columnist and gadfly Conrado de Quiros perhaps demands a different kind of grief as well as relief....

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  November 20, 2023

Google's Latest AI Music Tool Creates Tracks Using Famous Singers' Voice Clones

Google has revealed an experimental AI tool, Dream Track, that creates original songs in the style of selected famous singers...

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  November 16, 2023

Behind The Lens: Interview with Cheryl Diaz Meyer

How do we tell a story? How do we tell the world about an event everyone has heard of or read about but has not seen firsthand? For Filipino Cheryl Diaz Meyer, a Pulitzer Prize Winner photojournalist, all it takes is one click to capture a story....

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