, February 04, 2023

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  February 03, 2023

The Promise

Ted Kooser, former US Poet Laureate, says Jane Hirshfeld is one of the country’s finest poets....

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  February 02, 2023

The Emotion Bomb Inside Video Games

Intense emotional experiences within the game can lead to genuine trauma. Game designers do not pay nearly enough attention to psychological safety, particularly regarding the bonds that develop between players and the characters they identify with....

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  February 01, 2023

The 6 Elements that Make Up a Good Poem

by Kevin Watt, Allpoetry founder...

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  February 01, 2023

Marie Kondo has Finally Realized What it Costs to be Tidy – and Like Me, has Decided to Chill the Hell Out

People who think they can master chaos don’t have enough children, or dogs, or interests...

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  January 30, 2023

The Booksale Story: How a Shoeshine Boy Turned Bargain Books into a P600-M-a-year Business

“We vow to stubbornly make reading affordable."...

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  January 29, 2023

Frequently-Asked Questions about Advertising - Part II

Answers to questions like "why do creatives treat accounts people badly?" and "would you do a campaign for just anyone?...

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