, May 24, 2024

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  April 29, 2024

When Dementia Strikes a Beloved Writer

García Márquez’s writing style changed as well, according to neuropsychologist Katya Rascovsky at the University of Pennsylvania, His new novel is simpler: shorter sentences, less complex words, and more word repetitions....

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  April 02, 2024

Lessons From Sports Psychology Research

Telling yourself "kaya mo ito, kaya mo ito" actually works....

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  March 22, 2024

The Atomic Bomb, Exile and a Test of Brotherly Bonds: Robert and Frank Oppenheimer

"Frank Oppenheimer continued to get upset (and a little drunk) every August 6, the day Hiroshima was bombed. He’d rub his forehead hard, as if he was trying to rub something out."...

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  March 09, 2024

Toward Truly Compostable Plastic

Rather than abandon this material, we need to find a better, kinder version — polymers with the tensile strength and flexibility of modern plastics that are derived from sustainable biological sources and can be effectively returned to the environment....

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  February 28, 2024

How AI deepfakes threaten the 2024 elections

Deepfakes already have affected other elections around the globe. With elections this year in over 50 countries involving half the globe’s population, there are fears deepfakes could seriously undermine their integrity....

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  February 27, 2024

Everyone in This Video is AI Generated

"We're in an age where seeing is no longer believing"...

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