, September 30, 2022

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  September 30, 2022

A Good Night’s Sleep is a Tonic to Remember

‘When you learn something in the evening, that information becomes reactivated during sleep. Negative thoughts give us sleep that's troubled. But there's good news....

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  September 28, 2022

Unconditional Basic Income a "Remedy for Poverty"

The results of the study give reason for hope: those affected stated that they felt much healthier and emotionally more stable. Anxiety, stress, and hopelessness had decreased noticeably....

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  September 25, 2022

How Did President Biden Go from Zero to Hero in the Public Arena So Quickly?

UNDERSTANDING MEDIA: When your poll numbers are bad, almost everything that’s said about you is going to be bad because it fits the narrative. So, the press is always looking for where the weakness is that illustrates why you’re stumbling around....

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  September 24, 2022

‘Massive COVID-19 Failure’ Sets Back Global Development

WHO acted ‘too cautiously, slowly’. 'Failed to work with low- and middle-income countries to make their health management systems robust enough to face regular or ‘mundane’ health problems.'...

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  September 22, 2022

Great Idea: If a Student Can Be Absent when Down with a Fever, He Can Be Absent when Depressed

The pandemic has created new recognition for depression amongst the young. “Now parents can be honest and say, ‘My student is struggling today.’”...

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  September 20, 2022

Multivitamin Supplementation Shown to Improve Cognition

This new study stands out in its size and robustness: it was a proper randomized, placebo-controlled trial; it lasted three years, and it encompassed more than 2,000 participants....

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