, November 30, 2023

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  November 28, 2023

Research on Why Some Filipinos Support Tokhang

One way to understand why the drug policy gained such popularity is by considering how people make sense of harm differently....

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  November 16, 2023

Behind The Lens: Interview with Cheryl Diaz Meyer

How do we tell a story? How do we tell the world about an event everyone has heard of or read about but has not seen firsthand? For Filipino Cheryl Diaz Meyer, a Pulitzer Prize Winner photojournalist, all it takes is one click to capture a story....

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  November 09, 2023

How Virtual Humans Might Help Our Lonely Elderly

Loyal, friendly, intelligent, and they don't need food or sleep...

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  November 02, 2023

Are Ghosts Real? A Social Psychologist Examines the Evidence

Where's the evidence?...

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  October 19, 2023

From Popstar to Global Leader: The Rise of Taylor Swift

The University of Texas at Austin places Swift alongside literary giants like Shakespeare and Keats, while Arizona State University delves into the psychology behind Taylor Swift’s impact....

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  October 18, 2023

First-Ever 3D-Printed Salmon: A Taste of the Future!

Imagine a future where your meal is crafted with precision according to your preferences. That’s exactly what’s happening with the rise of 3D-printed food....

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