, October 26, 2021

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  October 24, 2021

Unraveling the Mystery of ‘Deadly Dreams’ Syndrome

"Called bangungot, the Tagalog word for nightmare. 'Such ‘deadly dreams’ are well known among the lay people,” a Philippine medical journal noted as far back as 1917, “many of whom view them with sullen respect, if not frank terror.”...

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  October 23, 2021

The Secret to South Korea’s COVID Success? Combining High Technology with the Human Touch

"Rather than seeking to replicate South Korean success, politicians, experts and the media in the west have repeatedly suggested that this performance is... enabled by a compliant national culture that cannot be replicated in their countries."...

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  October 22, 2021

The Nobel Peace Prize Brings Overnight Celebrity, But Also Frequent Scrutiny, Trolling and Persecution

"One of the biggest, immediate threats facing both Ressa and Muratov is potential harsh repression from the authorities in their home countries."...

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  October 20, 2021

Too Embarrassed to Change Your Mind about Vaccines?

"The desire to appear consistent or to show solidarity with a community can still lead people to resist changing their beliefs and behavior."...

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  October 18, 2021

Ivermectin is a Nobel Prize-Winning Wonder drug – But Not for COVID-19

"Ivermectin is meant to be prescribed only to treat infections caused by parasites. It’s not meant to be prescribed by parasites looking to extract money from desperate people during a pandemic."...

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  October 12, 2021

Ready for Smart Toilets?

This toilet uses cameras and sensors to monitor and analyze your urine and stool....

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