, June 07, 2023

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  January 27, 2023

Eraserheads: The Pop Machine’s Magic Still There After All These Years

The kids of the 90s embraced the Eraserheads as chroniclers, mystics, megaphones, soothsayers. The band from Diliman embodied their personas; their past, present, and future....

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  January 23, 2023

David Crosby, Jeff Beck, and the Twilight of a Generation

Compared to rock stars who died young, Crosby, Beck and those who managed to live until old age are afforded a deeper, more thoughtful if not critical appreciation...

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  January 17, 2023

Jeff Beck: The Unorthodox Techniques that Made Him Such a Unique Guitarist

He has been described as “the most unique guitarist”, “God’s guitarist”, “just a genius”, and "the best guitarist alive". And now that title belongs to someone else....

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  December 12, 2022

Holiday Gifts for the Vinyl Lover

If you still haven’t found a Christmas gift for your vinyl-loving friend or family member, we’ve listed down some recent releases for you to consider....

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  November 05, 2022

Danny Javier: Conjurer of Everyday Tales and Good Vibes

Pop music can be generally shallow, bordering on nonsense. But with Danny Javier, observant pop swerved in the other direction, playfully dangerous or dangerously playful...

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  November 03, 2022

Taylor Swift’s ‘Midnights’: A Swiftie’s First Listen

'Anti-Hero' is a very personal showing of the anxiety that looms over many millennials and Gen-Z, who form a large proportion of Swift’s audience. The relatability ripples across the social media response....

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