, April 22, 2024

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  April 21, 2024

Raised on Radio

Radio was my gateway to music and soft culture, the subtle creep of youthful rebellion beyond the reach of government’s martial law propaganda machinery....

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  April 12, 2024

James Taylor in Manila: Songs of Comfort for Older but (Hopefully) Wiser Souls

The boomers and GenXers in the audience lived through and survived the turbulent 70s and 80s while dealing with their own turmoils and demons, the same turmoils and demons that James Taylor, especially in his early years, dealt with and sang about...

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  April 11, 2024

James Taylor in My Mind and Live in Manila

When I told my research team of millennials that Tesa and I were going to watch a concert by James Taylor, I was met with blank stares that seemed to say, “James who?”...

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  February 06, 2024

Edgar Mortiz: Former Teen Idol Takes on Ol’ Blue Eyes

There are rough edges in Mortiz’s voice, but therein lies the beauty and magic...

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  December 12, 2023

Prank Is Back

Prank Sinatra skates along the jagged edges of gonzo rock, punk, and sunshine pop, with sprinklings of psychedelic dust thrown in...

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  December 05, 2023

Legacy Artists Dominate Our Brew’s List of Best OPM Vinyl Releases for 2023

The artists have grown from youthful provocateurs to elder statesmen. But they can still rock hard...

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