, September 21, 2023

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  August 16, 2023

Sinéad O'Connor was Our Freedom Singer, Our Keener and Our Feminist Killjoy

"She not only took on racism and child abuse — she also railed against organized religion, patriarchy, misogyny, war, fascism, Thatcher conservatism and class elitism of all kinds... Now that she is gone, who will sing for Sinéad?"...

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  August 12, 2023

Robbie Robertson and Sixto Rodriguez OUTSIDERS

Robbie Robertson and Sixto Rodriguez were rock & roll outsiders....

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  July 18, 2023

‘Buhay Musikero’

The first generation of Pinoy rockers rely on a demographic that must also face the same economic realities. Like their idols, they too must work in order to survive. Pinoy Rock appealed to the masa, but the masa, as they age, must ponder bigger needs...

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  July 12, 2023

Vinyl Record Sales Keep Spinning and Spinning – With No End in Sight

Over the past decade, vinyl records have made a major comeback. People purchased US$1.2 billion of records in 2022, a 20% jump from the previous year....

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  July 02, 2023

Speed of Heat is a Masterful Work

‘I wanted this album to be a reflection of why I play the guitar – exploring and traveling the path to furthering and expanding my musical horizons and, ultimately, bettering myself as a musician and guitarist’...

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  June 22, 2023

Worth the Wait

"Circus” is the sound of a band growing up, but not old enough to lose their insanity...

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