, October 22, 2021

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  October 09, 2021

Hoy, Isko!

Bakit mo minamaliit ang kandidatura ni Bongbong Marcos? Anong away ng mga Marcos at Aquino and pinagsasasabi mo? Magbasa-basa ka nga ng libro....

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  October 05, 2021

Pandemic Management: When Perception is More Important than Reality

It's an either-or: either government is managing the pandemic blunderingly or doing a bad job of selling itself....

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  October 04, 2021

"Bobotante": The Alibi of Losers

"You never blame the customer, in this case, the voter. It is never the customer's fault if he decides against buying your product. Work to win him over."...

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  October 04, 2021

View from the Hill

Go up the hill. Take a breather. Clear your mind. Take in the view. This is how I’ll try to shape things in this little piece I intend to share from my corner of the Net, Our neck of the cyberwoods, so to speak....

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  September 11, 2021

Osama bin Laden Killed Them, George W. Bush Dishonored Them

Today, America pays tribute to the 2,974 who died in Osama bin Laden’s attacks on September 11, 2001....

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  August 15, 2021

From Tiny Bubbles to Big Lockdown

But being poor is no excuse for incompetence and inefficiency. We have thrown away gains we’ve achieved last year through poor thinking and poor planning...

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