, May 28, 2022

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  May 24, 2022

Thank you, Bongbong — You Woke Them Up

A few noisy activists can be a stone in your shoe. Imagine 15 million angry and eager for change, 15 million adept at communications, brighter, richer, more mobile, with social media accounts and devices as megaphones for their thoughts and grumblings....

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  May 05, 2022

The Marcos Restoration: A National Shame

Hadn’t the revolution promised so much and given very little? Don’t we have the same unresponsive government? The same patronage system? The widespread corruption in all levels of the government? The continuing plunder of taxpayer money?...

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  March 19, 2022

Why Marcos is Deathly Afraid of Debates

One rehearses how to answer questions. The fear is if someone pulls a skeleton or twenty out of closets....

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  February 23, 2022

The Barricades of España

These are the events that reporters live for. The revolution was the biggest story of our lives. Heck, it was the story of the century. We didn’t want to miss out. In journalese, ayaw ma-iskupan....

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  February 17, 2022

Bongbong's Big Lie and the Big Truth of EDSA

When Ferdinand Marcos ran for president, his slogan was “This nation can be great again.” (Oh, yes. Long before Donald Trump’s MAGA.) Ten years into his dictatorship, we were the “Sick man of Asia.”...

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  February 13, 2022

Who Says You Shouldn't Split Teams?

"We created Noy-Bi."...

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