, February 08, 2023

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  January 12, 2023

Circuit breakers, Onions, Destab, and Retrograde

For government communicators obligated to officially explain all these developments with a straight face, let me give a piece of unsolicited advice, culled from years of staring at the stars...

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  November 09, 2022

Relics, Memorials and Robert E. Lee

In 2019, before the Black Lives Matter movement really got going after the brutal murder of George Floyd, I wrote down with hysterical glee how some Americans vented their anger at statues and relics of the past....

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  October 05, 2022

Lucky You

When conventional wisdom and math says you have a better chance of being hit by lightning than winning the lottery, 433 individuals betting on the same numbers and winning the grand prize was not only freaky, but, uhm, suspicious....

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  September 19, 2022

Power to the People

We cannot hope to see a golden age for the Philippine economy if we do not even have enough power to turn on a light bulb...

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  September 14, 2022

Barely Passing: The Best Grade in School

A grade of 75, and whatever that is in the letter grades, is the best grade. The minimum passing grade gets you exactly what you want — passage to the next level, while a higher grade does not do more for you....

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  September 14, 2022

The Floods of Forgetfulness

Late 2020 saw the Philippines struck by five cyclones in a period of just one month: Quinta, Rolly, Siony, Tonyo and Ulysses....

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