, December 01, 2023

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  November 27, 2023

Can You Hear the Drums, Rodrigo?

Duterte is a troublesome former president. His opinion of the President may have been tempered by the latter’s election (he once called Marcos Jr. a “spoiled child” and a “weak leader”), but he has not been shy about expressing displeasure at several policy reversals....

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  November 14, 2023

"Dallas Will Never Get Over This": Remembering Kennedy and the Wounding of America

This was Camelot after all; royalty. This was the man of PT boat 109 renown, the president who landed us on the moon, who fought for civil rights; who created the Peace Corps. And he was president for only two years and ten months....

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  October 12, 2023

Rody’s Autumn

In the eyes of many, Duterte is a powerful man diminished. But it is a reality he chooses to deny...

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  October 09, 2023

Empathy and Picking Fights

In the face of public dissatisfaction, the President and the Vice President gave contrasting responses...

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  September 28, 2023

Airport Security Scandal: Systemic Issues, Not Individual Misdeeds

It's not a question of individual integrity; it's a systemic challenge. Circumstances have pushed us to a point where corruption is seen as a viable and even acceptable means of supplementing one's income....

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  September 28, 2023

Smart Shaming at the Senate?

Lately, shaming government officials has become fashionable at the Upper Chamber...

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