, June 02, 2023

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  May 27, 2023

The Succession Game

Through all the political drama, the opposition - what remains of it - has been relegated to the bleachers, munching on soggy popcorn...

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  May 10, 2023

Just Fix the Mess

Airports are first impressions. For a country that has depended for decades on tourism for revenues, our government seems to be unbothered by the necessity of making a good first impression on foreign visitors....

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  April 15, 2023

Managing Asian-Hate from a Communications Perspective

Advice to Americans of Asian descent from a student of perception management: Push Back...

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  April 14, 2023

AI: The Dinosaur that Will Not Die

This dinosaur is in our present and future. It is time to learn to know it well, to tame and harness it....

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  April 12, 2023

Are LGUs Ready for Revenge Travel?

Local governments have been actively promoting tourist sites. Yet many of them can’t manage vehicular and human traffic during peak season, dispose tons of garbage properly, and deal with petty crimes and medical emergencies...

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  April 04, 2023

Rakenrol sa Holy Week

Dati, bawal mag-ingay. Bawal kumain ng karne o uminom ng alak. Pero ngayon may mga sayawan, videoke, at tomaan. Walang ibang palabas sa TV noon kundi The Robe at iba pang religious movies. Ngayon, bukod sa cable at streaming, may film festival pa sa kasagsagan ng Holy Week...

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