, April 24, 2024

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  April 07, 2024

And So It Goes

Poverty and hunger have been constant afflictions, like death and taxes. They do not linger, for lingering implies a certain end...

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  April 06, 2024

Can the President Survive a Voters’ Revolt in 2025?

The sheen of restored family glory is now in danger of being tarnished by the perception that this government is aimless and adrift...

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  April 03, 2024

What is It About the Water in Government?

Corruption is like a dagger in the body that is the country, plunged to the hilt, then twisted viciously, and left embedded while we wait for the sloth that is our justice system....

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  March 24, 2024

Taguig: Breaking Bad

Taken within the context of governance, the park’s closure exposes how a local government can abuse the regulatory powers granted by law to pursue a political end....

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  March 16, 2024

I Beg to Disagree: Biden's SOTU Did Not Help Their Cause

Half the house stood and applauded, and he preached to that choir. When you attack the opposition, you regale your tribe but lose all hope in winning the other side....

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  March 14, 2024

The Official Family’s Problem Child

To be in the Cabinet while openly contradicting the President is untenable and may be interpreted as opportunism....

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