, April 24, 2024

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  April 05, 2024

Feeding Bodies, Nourishing Souls

“Some people see me as a very political figure. But when it comes to food, let’s not be partisan. Everyone can join, everyone eats, everyone feels hunger. Food should unite us all.”...

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  March 23, 2024

Ambivalence Over AI: We Are All Prometheus Now

The future is too often held captive by extremists, who are either riddled with fear of — or overly excited by — ideas of apocalypse and radical change. The future also, however, reminds us of our responsibilities to new generations inheriting the world we have made....

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  March 01, 2024

Egai Talusan Fernandez: Resistance in Quiet Dignity

Egai’s body of work, especially from the years of dictatorship until the 1986 EDSA Revolution, bear the textures of the streets, the lushness of forests, and the colors of hope. They are bathed in the hues of country and flag....

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  January 17, 2024

Malaya’s Reporters: Pounding the Beat In Dangerous Times

To practice real, independent journalism under a repressive regime was also an act of resistance....

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  January 05, 2024

Poetry 2023

Our Brew is the "only website that publishes good poetry in our neck of the internet", so said a poet, so here's a selection of last year's offering....

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  January 04, 2024

The Our Brew Articles You Loved Most this Year

Early 2023, we creaked open the heavy doors that locked us in our domiciles, sniffing the air warily for the poison in the air. Now after a volatile year of politics and skyrocketing prices, of worse-than-pre-pandemic traffic, here is a look back at what OurBrew considers worth revisiting....

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