, September 24, 2022

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The People behind Our Brew are experts in communications. They have -- combined -- roughly two hundred fifty years of experience, and while all have worked in advertising, each one brings to the group singular proficiency in various aspects or specializations. The media landscape may change, case studies may age, but the need to sell, convince, and propagate will always be there. Consider this as a compendium of insights. We hope the articles can guide the student of communications of all ages.

  August 22, 2022

With ‘Bravery’ as its New Brand, Ukraine is Turning Advertising Into a Weapon of War

The target market of the campaign includes its citizens, asking them to stay with Ukraine....

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  August 14, 2022

Preventing Accidents without Being Offensive

An ad agency can only be as creative, as daring as the client will allow it to be. When a government entity allows good work, you know the people involved are braver than the usual passionless bureaucrats....

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  July 30, 2022

‘All Bodies are Beach Bodies’: Spain’s Equality Ministry Launches Summer Campaign

Inclusive promotion urges women to ‘toast a summer for all, without stereotypes’...

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  June 23, 2022

Sore Winners: Or Why, After the Elections, It is Still Toxic

Here is a plausible reason why, after a resounding victory, after a landslide, the conversation on social media is still vicious....

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  March 14, 2022

A TV Ad that Emboldens the Poor

"Today, with a smile on his face, the poor man can go up to the counter and ask for medicine he can afford. He can even sing it."...

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  March 13, 2022

"Mang Tomas sa Pandesal?"

"The ad said, 'uy, wala ng ulam, buti na lang may Mang Tomas' ...palaman sa pandesal... ang galing talaga ni mommy, parang si Mcgyver'."...

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