, June 02, 2023

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The People behind Our Brew are experts in communications. They have -- combined -- roughly two hundred fifty years of experience, and while all have worked in advertising, each one brings to the group singular proficiency in various aspects or specializations. The media landscape may change, case studies may age, but the need to sell, convince, and propagate will always be there. Consider this as a compendium of insights. We hope the articles can guide the student of communications of all ages.

  April 24, 2023

The Client Did Not Like the Campaign and He was Right

Axiom in advertising: stay close to the product, and the product was a soldier. But the soldier wanted to go down another road....

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  April 20, 2023

When You're Under Attack On Social Media

Vernon had just stepped off the stairs when the scaffolding on the Film Center crumbled. He looked back and saw destruction and death. I asked him what really happened....

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  April 17, 2023

Masters of Perception Management -- Whether You Like Them or Not

IF THE WORD ‘PROPAGANDA’ has a bad connotation, it is more because of what were sold or promoted. Meet a few of the people who have wielded it masterfully for bad causes....

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  April 12, 2023

The Intelligence of the Customer - Part One

"The customer is not a moron, she's your wife,“ said the gentleman who founded Ogilvy & Mather. Here’s why that doesn’t hold true anymore"....

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  April 10, 2023

“Nasaan ang Presidente?” The Feudal Relationship Between Filipinos and Their Officials

Our relationships are still incredibly medieval: The people run, not to government, but to people in government. How to fix, short of charter change?...

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  March 15, 2023

Frequently-Asked Questions about Advertising - Part IV

For years, Koyang has been answering questions about advertising on Quora and Reddit, bylined and anonymously. This is a selection....

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