, May 27, 2022

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  May 26, 2022

If your Pets Could Talk, They’d Say…

Do you talk to your pets? I do. And I get laughed at by some friends and relatives whenever they see me do so. Then, they would tell me that I was being ridiculous in thinking that animals can understand me....

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  May 17, 2022

Cats and Dwarves

"I also have read many times in different psychic books that cats see spirits, dwarves and other beings from what we call The Other Side."...

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  May 03, 2022

Are Animals Conscious Beings Like Humans?

With scientists, they base on the physiology of the brain (in relation to its whole body) to say whether or not an organism has consciousness....

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  May 02, 2022

Animal Heroes Are True Heroes

I have heard and seen so many stories of animals having done amazing heroic acts that one may not even come close to comparing it to human hero stories....

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  April 26, 2022

Are Animals Conscious Beings like Humans?

“Mga hayop lang naman yan. Wala naman silang mga isip gaya ng tao.” (They are just animals. They don’t have minds like humans.)...

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  April 24, 2022

Cheese and Dogs

You can give cheese to your dog but please, do not give too much too often....

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