, February 03, 2023

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  February 03, 2023

The Promise

Ted Kooser, former US Poet Laureate, says Jane Hirshfeld is one of the country’s finest poets....

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  February 01, 2023

The 6 Elements that Make Up a Good Poem

by Kevin Watt, Allpoetry founder...

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  January 26, 2023

Chaos Revisited: Manuel Baldemor's Blue

By Marne Kilates...

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  January 25, 2023

Reads Likes Comments

A poet likens unheralded poetry to the basket carrying the helpless Moses, needing attention and love....

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  December 21, 2022

There was a Bristling in the Air

The newly-born Jesus lying on a feeding trough rocked the political world, and "the mighty slept twitchily that night."...

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  December 03, 2022


"In the world of the in-between, memory is the nourishment of poetry."...

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