, October 26, 2021

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  October 26, 2021

for courier six

"it appears that you are both the messenger and the message." - legate lanius...

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  October 21, 2021

Deferring the Hangover

"Stay down and drink, country can crash, carouse and clink, love the girl summoning with lash."...

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  October 12, 2021

Pink Flowers and Wingèd Victory: A Dream

By Marne Kilates...

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  October 11, 2021

Mga Pangalan sa Bato

By Juan Rafael Belgica Jr...

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  October 02, 2021

A Pause during the Shooting of a Commercial

"They do not scrub these walls, nothing is stripped away, thick as a palm."...

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  September 25, 2021

Salted Fish Sonnet

By Marne Kilates...

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