, October 18, 2021

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  October 17, 2021

Leni and the Liberals

I believe the image of the woman that I see in VP Leni. Decisive, confident, capable......

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  October 11, 2021


Pero ayon sa aking impormante tila sinarhan na ni Mayor Inday lahat ng komunikasyon ng gabing iyon....

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  September 28, 2021

Your Move, Ma’am Leni

Just for the sake of nothing, let me ask, what do you think is going on in the mind of Vice President Leni Robredo right now?...

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  September 20, 2021

NDAs Violate Transparency and Accountability

THE non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) shrouding the purchase of COVID-19 vaccines could constitute dubious schemes...

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  September 09, 2021

Dear DOH, Fund Cancer Patients.

"Why in God’s holy name did you exclude a specific and separate allocation in your proposed budget for cancer?"...

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  September 04, 2021

Video Game Developer Says "Let Them Play"

"From my standpoint as a video game designer and scholar who specializes in game-based learning, I see a need to expand it – and to do so during the regular school day."...

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