, October 01, 2022

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  August 14, 2022

Badoy, Banned Books, and the Marcos Challenge

Every day, I spend a good hour on a Tiktok algorithm that I’ve nurtured since last year, when the election campaign began and I realized that the Marcos campaign was releasing videos and photographs from the old man Marcos years......

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  July 30, 2022

Spokening Dollar

In his SONA, President BBM opened a can of worms when he sought a re-examination of the medium of instruction in our schools....

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  May 15, 2022

Despite Huge Victory, Bongbong Underwhelms

A Philippine commentator described Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ Marcos Jr’s victory as overwhelming. This is apt based on the current vote count....

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  April 03, 2022

Good Vs Evil? It’s Not That Simple

For a campaign that anchors itself on love, there is so much hate hurled at critics and those whose views are different. What VP Leni’s supporters need to understand is that this is alienating their candidate further from the votes she badly needs....

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  March 18, 2022

Escalating Support from Leni’s Friends

Leni Robredo will rescue us from the sinister remnants and phantoms of the past, save us from the inequities and indignities of the present, and assure Filipinos of a rosy and fulfilling future...

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  March 16, 2022

In the Battle of Narratives, Class Divides are Showing

As we get closer to election day, the Robredo campaign might need to rethink its narrative. Rallies matter, but are they enough?...

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