, June 25, 2024

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  February 06, 2024

Edgar Mortiz: Former Teen Idol Takes on Ol’ Blue Eyes

There are rough edges in Mortiz’s voice, but therein lies the beauty and magic...

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  December 12, 2023

Prank Is Back

Prank Sinatra skates along the jagged edges of gonzo rock, punk, and sunshine pop, with sprinklings of psychedelic dust thrown in...

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  December 05, 2023

Legacy Artists Dominate Our Brew’s List of Best OPM Vinyl Releases for 2023

The artists have grown from youthful provocateurs to elder statesmen. But they can still rock hard...

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  November 20, 2023

Google's Latest AI Music Tool Creates Tracks Using Famous Singers' Voice Clones

Google has revealed an experimental AI tool, Dream Track, that creates original songs in the style of selected famous singers...

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  November 08, 2023

The Beatles’ “Now and Then:” Notes from a Boomer Fan

Some critics and reviewers have approached the song from a clinical standpoint. They don’t get it....

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  November 06, 2023

The Beatles' 'Now and Then' is a Wistful Curiosity, 45 Years in the Making

Turning a demo into a finished song was impossible until Artificial Intelligence was brought in to the project...

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