, July 07, 2022

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Joey Salgado

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  July 03, 2022

Ladies and Gentlemen, Rody Has Left the Building

For someone despised by human rights advocates and labelled a despot and butcher in the foreign press, Duterte returns to his native city of Davao as a private citizen deeply trusted by Filipinos. WTF, right?...

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  June 12, 2022

The Jerks Live!: Songs as Chronicles of Protest in Uncertain Times

These are songs as memories, as historical notes. The album is a political treatise on the promise and failings of the EDSA Revolution, compressed to three-minute songs...

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  May 25, 2022

Long Live Indie Rock!

Here are some of the latest vinyl reissues from indie rock darlings from the 90s and beyond...

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  April 20, 2022

Is There Enough Time? Can Leni Do a Binay?

Pundits, campaign experts, and even the camp of Vice President Robredo have pointed to Jojo Binay’s 2010 win as proof that a last-minute surge was possible. The signs are encouraging. But here’s a reality check...

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  March 21, 2022

Dong Abay’s “Flipino” is OPM Gold

In “Flipino,” there is a newfound grace and subtlety in Dong Abay’s songwriting. Not a mellowing but an incipient lightness of spirit. The songs still hit you hard, but it’s like being hit by a velvet-covered hammer....

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  February 23, 2022

The Barricades of España

These are the events that reporters live for. The revolution was the biggest story of our lives. Heck, it was the story of the century. We didn’t want to miss out. In journalese, ayaw ma-iskupan....

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