, March 28, 2023

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Joey Salgado

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  March 20, 2023

Booksale Isn't About Books. It's About Treasures

You never really go to Booksale with a title in mind. They find you. Booksale is where a reader yields to serendipity...

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  March 07, 2023

Ronin in limboland

For the Marcos Jr. administration, engaging the services of online brawlers brings no value. It doesn’t reinforce the political persona. There is nothing to be gained from having them as the President’s surrogates...

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  February 21, 2023

Trusting the Process

Previous efforts to amend the Constitution has been met by scorn and outright distrust. And for good reason...

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  February 08, 2023

A Shallow and Clueless Generation?

How can we build a successful country with a generation kept shallow and clueless by their elders?...

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  January 27, 2023

Eraserheads: The Pop Machine’s Magic Still There After All These Years

The kids of the 90s embraced the Eraserheads as chroniclers, mystics, megaphones, soothsayers. The band from Diliman embodied their personas; their past, present, and future....

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  January 23, 2023

David Crosby, Jeff Beck, and the Twilight of a Generation

Compared to rock stars who died young, Crosby, Beck and those who managed to live until old age are afforded a deeper, more thoughtful if not critical appreciation...

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