, December 01, 2022

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Joey Salgado

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  November 05, 2022

Danny Javier: Conjurer of Everyday Tales and Good Vibes

Pop music can be generally shallow, bordering on nonsense. But with Danny Javier, observant pop swerved in the other direction, playfully dangerous or dangerously playful...

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  October 16, 2022

On Vinyl, “Affinity” is a Sonic Masterpiece

Seventeen years after its CD release, listening to “Affinity” on a record player allows the listener the rare opportunity to be immersed in a musical canvass of colors and moods...

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  October 05, 2022

Lucky You

When conventional wisdom and math says you have a better chance of being hit by lightning than winning the lottery, 433 individuals betting on the same numbers and winning the grand prize was not only freaky, but, uhm, suspicious....

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  September 19, 2022

Power to the People

We cannot hope to see a golden age for the Philippine economy if we do not even have enough power to turn on a light bulb...

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  August 15, 2022

How Not to Win Votes and Influence People

The opposition pushback to “Maid in Malacañang” may have unwittingly provided a rallying point for Marcos supporters a good three years before the mid-term elections...

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  July 15, 2022

Filters On or Off? Marcos Jr.’s First Seven Days

By using his official vlog to talk to the people, Marcos Jr. has effectively bypassed the traditional media gatekeepers...

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