, September 28, 2023

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Joey Salgado

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  September 28, 2023

Smart Shaming at the Senate?

Lately, shaming government officials has become fashionable at the Upper Chamber...

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  September 14, 2023

The Politics of Rice

The exaggerated Palace response to a cryptic FB post only drew attention to dysfunctional policy decision-making at the highest level of government and highlights the political volatility of the rice issue...

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  August 24, 2023

Toots Ople and Her Legacy

‘I beg to disagree, Mister President. Sobra sobra na sa quota si Toots.’...

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  August 12, 2023

Robbie Robertson and Sixto Rodriguez OUTSIDERS

Robbie Robertson and Sixto Rodriguez were rock & roll outsiders....

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  July 18, 2023

‘Buhay Musikero’

The first generation of Pinoy rockers rely on a demographic that must also face the same economic realities. Like their idols, they too must work in order to survive. Pinoy Rock appealed to the masa, but the masa, as they age, must ponder bigger needs...

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  June 29, 2023

Arc of an Artist

If the book is a compendium of his “arty” side, as Ruiz describes it, the exhibit is a showcase of his “editorial” side...

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