, May 24, 2024

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Joey Salgado

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  March 24, 2024

Taguig: Breaking Bad

Taken within the context of governance, the park’s closure exposes how a local government can abuse the regulatory powers granted by law to pursue a political end....

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  March 14, 2024

The Official Family’s Problem Child

To be in the Cabinet while openly contradicting the President is untenable and may be interpreted as opportunism....

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  March 01, 2024

Egai Talusan Fernandez: Resistance in Quiet Dignity

Egai’s body of work, especially from the years of dictatorship until the 1986 EDSA Revolution, bear the textures of the streets, the lushness of forests, and the colors of hope. They are bathed in the hues of country and flag....

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  February 21, 2024

Marcos Jr. Can Thank Duterte and EDSA’s Failed Promises for Family’s Restoration

The EDSA story must be retold plainly, without embellishment and the near religious reverence accorded to personalities....

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  February 11, 2024

The House Strikes Back

The signature drive could well serve as a dry run for the 2025 mid-terms and the more important presidential exercise in 2028...

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  February 06, 2024

Edgar Mortiz: Former Teen Idol Takes on Ol’ Blue Eyes

There are rough edges in Mortiz’s voice, but therein lies the beauty and magic...

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