, September 22, 2023

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Vincent R. Pozon

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  September 04, 2023

Frequently-Asked Questions about Advertising - Part VI

PART VI: On his 50th year in advertising, Koyang is writing a series of articles answering the often-asked, like "How do you know if you have a terrific idea to present?" and "How do you present effectively"?...

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  August 07, 2023

The Patience of the Sun

By Vincent R. Pozon...

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  July 24, 2023

"'K' lang? 😡 Galit Yata! 😠" Or Why You Should Write with Emojis and Emoticons 😊📝👍

"Economy with words causes all the misunderstanding."...

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  July 14, 2023

"You Can't Do That in the States!": We are Still the Hospitable Islands in an Ocean of Ungraciousness

We are still a people who aims to please and delight, not out of the engine of commerce but simply out of hospitality, a quality we are known for....

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  July 11, 2023

Don't Just Sell a President, Sell a Presidency

“At the end of the day,” Obama once told his staff, “you’ve got to do your job and let the chips fall where they may.” Wrong, Mr. President. Yes, you've got to do your job, but you have to sell it....

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  June 30, 2023

Frequently-Asked Questions about Advertising - Part V

On exactly his 50th year in advertising, Vincent R. Pozon -- Vince to most, 'Koyang' to adfolk, 'Tatay' to his students and present staff -- decided to start a series of articles where he answers questions often asked of him....

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