, October 17, 2021

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Vincent R. Pozon

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  October 04, 2021

"Bobotante": The Alibi of Losers

"You never blame the customer, in this case, the voter. It is never the customer's fault if he decides against buying your product. Work to win him over."...

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  October 02, 2021

A Pause during the Shooting of a Commercial

"They do not scrub these walls, nothing is stripped away, thick as a palm."...

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  September 21, 2021

We Must Beg the Body to Wake Up, Oh, So Slowly

"Always remember that the legs are laggards in surfacing from the opium of pillows"....

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  September 14, 2021


WARNING: This article will have you sniveling and bawling alternately....

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  September 05, 2021

This is How We Make Commercials

"News of a military coup whispered through thick, sound-proof doors."...

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  August 18, 2021

Ah, The Spectacular Failures of the US in Remaking Other Countries

"Recriminations are flying back and forth – who lost Afghanistan is the latest version of who lost Vietnam, Iraq. What America has lost is the capacity to learn from history."...

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