, May 29, 2022

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Vincent R. Pozon

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  May 24, 2022

Thank you, Bongbong — You Woke Them Up

A few noisy activists can be a stone in your shoe. Imagine 15 million angry and eager for change, 15 million adept at communications, brighter, richer, more mobile, with social media accounts and devices as megaphones for their thoughts and grumblings....

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  May 20, 2022

I Sleep with My Mind Ajar

They come in the dark, slithering so, they need the night, preferring you asleep, your cabinets unlocked, fists unclenched...

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  May 11, 2022

Job at the Junkyard

Working with one's hands...

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  April 20, 2022

There is Nothing Wrong with Taking Selfies — Says Me, Rembrandt, Da Vinci, Raphael...

Why do we demonize the selfie so? It is a function available to this generation, readily provided by the devices that they have in their hands all day....

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  March 19, 2022

Why Marcos is Deathly Afraid of Debates

One rehearses how to answer questions. The fear is if someone pulls a skeleton or twenty out of closets....

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  March 14, 2022

A TV Ad that Emboldens the Poor

"Today, with a smile on his face, the poor man can go up to the counter and ask for medicine he can afford. He can even sing it."...

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