, September 27, 2022

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Vincent R. Pozon

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  September 14, 2022

Barely Passing: The Best Grade in School

A grade of 75, and whatever that is in the letter grades, is the best grade. The minimum passing grade gets you exactly what you want — passage to the next level, while a higher grade does not do more for you....

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  August 31, 2022

No to the Death Penalty... But

The strongest argument against the death penalty is that it is imposed only on the poorest of the poor, on people who pilfer so they can provide....

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  August 14, 2022

Preventing Accidents without Being Offensive

An ad agency can only be as creative, as daring as the client will allow it to be. When a government entity allows good work, you know the people involved are braver than the usual passionless bureaucrats....

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  July 29, 2022

Media's Strange Nose for News

The industry is hurting, with readership flagging, so now products of legacy news outlets are so sensational, it's no longer yellow journalism, it looks like human sludge....

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  July 25, 2022

Troubling Deaf Heaven: Or Do We Really Expect Solutions from Government?

We are watching a soap opera and we are invested in the actors playing their parts, so much so that we will march for them, die for them. We ourselves are in the cast, with placards and posts, tweets and comments....

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  July 21, 2022

Boy Getting Back at the Dentist

What we remember of childhood are often faint or fading, though sometimes there are events that grow, even inaccurately. Author has a memory of weekly visits to the dentist, and of globules of blood looking like high and healthy egg yolk....

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