, November 30, 2022

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Vincent R. Pozon

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  July 25, 2022

Troubling Deaf Heaven: Or Do We Really Expect Solutions from Government?

We are watching a soap opera and we are invested in the actors playing their parts, so much so that we will march for them, die for them. We ourselves are in the cast, with placards and posts, tweets and comments....

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  July 21, 2022

Boy Getting Back at the Dentist

What we remember of childhood are often faint or fading, though sometimes there are events that grow, even inaccurately. Author has a memory of weekly visits to the dentist, and of globules of blood looking like high and healthy egg yolk....

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  June 23, 2022

Sore Winners: Or Why, After the Elections, It is Still Toxic

Here is a plausible reason why, after a resounding victory, after a landslide, the conversation on social media is still vicious....

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  May 24, 2022

Thank you, Bongbong — You Woke Them Up

A few noisy activists can be a stone in your shoe. Imagine 15 million angry and eager for change, 15 million adept at communications, brighter, richer, more mobile, with social media accounts and devices as megaphones for their thoughts and grumblings....

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  May 20, 2022

I Sleep with My Mind Ajar

They come in the dark, slithering so, they need the night, preferring you asleep, your cabinets unlocked, fists unclenched...

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  May 11, 2022

Job at the Junkyard

Working with one's hands...

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