, March 01, 2024

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Baby Photos of the Universe

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Baby Photos of the Universe


With the capability to see galaxies 13.6 billion light-years away, the James Webb telescope is poised to capture glimpses of the universe during its early stages of formation. Considering the universe is estimated to be around 13.8 billion years old, the telescope will allow us to see its baby photos.

by Vincent R. Pozon

We will reach back into time and hope
to catch echoes of the hand of God,
just after the swizzling of the waters,
after joyfully making many

He hung the planets on trees of light
while shy galaxies peep from behind
cosmic cliffs, waiting, the wakes of each
finger limning ghostly jets and swirls

We see his breath in nurseries of stars,
here was a god pleased with handiwork,
creating not yet soured by creation
Did he balk before making the man?

Did he sigh when it crawled out, traded
fins for limbs, gills for lungs, when it grew
ribs and the consciousness for clothing
loins, for turf and territories?

Was he a chucklesome god before
being god to man? Before wielding
the flood, ruing with the rainbow before
he needed to confound with Babel?

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