, May 26, 2024

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Bars Open Across the UK. Inggit Ka Ano?

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Bars Open Across the UK. Inggit Ka Ano?

Photo: The Irish TImes/AFP

Bars across the United Kingdom opened for business on April 12, but in our neck of the woods, we are still on extended lockdown and some LGUs insist on a liquor ban

Streets across the United Kingdom were full of drunk and merry Brits last April 12 as the UK opened bars and restaurants for the first time since January 5.

It was strictly outdoor drinking and dining, but the cold weather did not dampen the merriment, described by some revelers as “slightly scary” and “an absolute riot,” according to a report by BBC.

The opening of bars, restaurants, spas, gyms, and shops came after the UK mounted its biggest vaccination program.  To date, more than  32 million have received at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine.

With more vaccinations set for the next few months, authorities are hopeful they could further loosen lockdown restrictions and re-open more businesses.

As reported by BBC:

Photo: BBC News/Getty Images

“The streets were packed, with roads closed to give more space for al fresco drinking and dining.

“In Newcastle, people said it was ‘worth it’ to brave freezing pub terraces.

“Despite flurries of snow in parts of the country, people flocked to pubs and restaurants to celebrate the return of some of their freedoms.

“‘It's full everywhere, It feels like a celebration, basically,’ one drinker told the BBC.

Photo: Independent/Getty Images

“‘Honestly it feels so good, it feels like we're out of prison. We're celebrating a birthday, so it's the best gift, I guess,’ said another.

“…Many people said they welcomed the crowds and were not concerned about the risk of Covid spreading. Some said they had already been vaccinated, while one group said they had taken rapid lateral flow tests beforehand as a precaution and that being outside reduced the risk of infection.”

Photo: BBC News/Getty Images

The Guardian reported that bars and restaurants “sold twice as many drinks as they did before the coronavirus pandemic struck.”

“Overall sales at 1,687 licensed premises monitored by the CGA Drinks Recovery Tracker were 58.6% higher than they were for the equivalent day in 2019, the last comparable date before the pandemic took hold.

“While food sales were down 11.7%, demand for the first meet-ups in pubs and restaurants for more than three months meant that drinks sales more than doubled, rising 113.8%.”

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