, June 17, 2024

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Coca-Cola: Old Brand in the World of the Young

  •   1 min read
Coca-Cola: Old Brand in the World of the Young
Screenshot | Avicii vs. Conrad Sewell - Taste The Feeling | Coca-Cola

Creating a successful advertisement within the confines of minutes is a fine and difficult craft in itself, but creating young, crafting pieces of communications that speak to hearts that have just learned about failures and affection, that run on the fuel of hunger to be happy or to be better human beings, that’s a feat.

To be successful in selling to another generation, you must embrace the research and then go beyond research. To write young, you dive into chests to understand how young hearts beat, you must know how the young speak volumes with their gestures and glances, know how they react to pain and pleasure.

There are advertisements directed towards the young that smell old, where the dictates of the structured mind of the old are noticeable, at least to the trained eye (to the untrained, they are just tepid ads).

This 6-year old ad, with 43,366,112 views on one YouTube upload alone, is one which we wish we wrote. It provides lessons on how one old product can live and remain in the world of the young.

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