, May 22, 2024

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Helping the Homeless and the Hungry

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Helping the Homeless and the Hungry


By Desiree Carlos

They are homeless and have no one to care for them. No food, no water, no shelter.

They have owners but their owners are poor and they are forced to roam the streets to look for food.

These are the two kinds of dogs and cats you see on the streets scavenging for scraps from trash, or begging for food in your neighborhood.

Helping hungry dogs and cats take too little from humans. If you can, please feed a hungry dog or cat in your neighborhood or near your workplace or while travelling.

Please, we beg you, be kind to the homeless and hungry animals. All they want is to be able to live and eat, just like you, humans. If you can, please give them a little food and water. Kindness is tax-free.

To help solve the problem of increasing number of homeless animals, please:

This cat family shared a meal with gusto. They were so hungry! Most rescuers and stray feeders bring food in small packets in their bags or vehicles when they travel so that they can give cats and dogs, specially pups and kittens, some food while on the road.

1. spay or neuter your pet;

2. adopt, don’t shop;

These dogs were so hungry that they did not notice there were other plates of food lined up. They hurriedly ate as much as they can, even if they had to share a plate. It broke out hearts to see them so hungry.

3. find an adopter or good shelter for your pet, instead of abandoning them in the streets. Never surrender them to the pound where they will be killed; and

4. don’t get a pet if you can’t take care of a cat or dog for a lifetime.

Educator Wenna David has been rescuing kittens ad having them adopted, and feeding homeless animals for years now.

Last Sunday was International Homeless Animals Day and last Thursday was National Aspins Day. As part of the continuing Feed-A-Stray project of Save ALL –Save Animals of Love and Light Inc., a Sec-registered non-profit organization, officers and volunteers fed homeless cats and dogs in Pasay, Quezon City, Makati, Taguig, Paranaque, Novaliches, Ortigas, Marikina, Pasig in Metro Manila, and San Mateo and Cainta in Rizal.

These loving volunteers have been rescuing and helping animals in need for years. We salute the following animal rescuers and animal welfare advocates who still feed strays ad hungry dogs l despite the pandemic and the threat of covid 19:

Freya Demavivas, a medical frontliner and animal rescuer, always finds time to feed hungry dogs and cats where she passes on the way to work and going home.

Maricel Mondejar, 40, is a content moderator. She helps animals because she knows only a few help them and doing so makes her feel good.

Rowena David, 48, an educator, helps stray animals because “they are innocent victims of human neglect and cruelty. Most people ignore them, but for people who have a soft spot for strays, their urgent meows and desperate barks are a cry for help.”

Tet Ferrer-Santos was “saved” by saving animals in need during a tumultuous period in her life. She continues to help poor dogs and cats to pay them back for her emotional ad psychological healing.

Dr. Pam Claveria, 48, is an athlete, fitness and wellness enthusiast, and a doctor for kids. “My good friend, Atha, who rescues, feeds, and brings cats for neuter/spay, infected me with the rescue bug. It’s been 8 years (and counting) of rescuing abandoned dogs, cats, kittens from the center island along C5 Road and other areas. It is a calling that is both fulfilling and frustrating, “ Dr. Claveria said.

Irene Arpon Pasaylo, 52, store supervisor, feeds stray animals because she knows that every day, the stray animals hope to find even just a morsel of food to relieve them of their hunger. She said she is just doing her part to help other creations of God.

Dulce P. Tuazon has been feeding stray cats in the Ortigas area every day for so many years now, specially during the pandemic when establishments were closed ad strays had no source of food.

Freya Demavivas, 52, medical frontliner, helps animals “because I feel for them. Doing something is better than nothing.”

Dulce P. Tuazon has been feeding strays for 10 years now. “I fed more when the pandemic started in 2020. It was a ghost town all over because of quarantine. Trash bins were empty so I pity the strays. They cannot even scavenge for food. Since I can’t adopt, foster or rescue, feeding them daily is my way of helping the strays

Michielou Amor Gerladino Ugasan prepares plates of food (mixed rice, canned dog food, and coco nectar to boost the immune system) for asong pinoys (aspins) in Quezon City.

Cynthia Santos started helping animals when “I asked help from the group PALS to rescue Hope a mother dog who gave birth in the Marikina City Pound. From then on I have personally donated food and bowls to the pound. Then I happened to see the post of Desiree Carlos with regards to the rescue of Quezon City pound dogs to be euthanized. Since then, I have donated and have friends do the same.”

Santos added: “I have always had a soft heart for animals since I was a kid and even adopted a neglected poodle from a friend. I encourage people to care for these unfortunate creatures. If only they can be with us during our lifetime. But even if they have such a short time with us, this means we can still open our doors to help more.”

Irene Arpon Pasaylo has been feeding stray dogs and cats for years now in Taguig where she lives.

Tet Ferrer-Santos got into animal welfare seven (7) years ago “when I was having a very difficult situation in my life. It helped me get through it emotionally and psychologically. I continue helping in any way I can because I owe it to these animals for helping me cope with my problems.”

This article also appears in the Manila Standard

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