, May 24, 2024

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Photo by Macau Photo Agency on Unsplash

“Government officials tell people not to be choosy over vaccine brands yet government VIPs are lining up for Astra Zeneca”

By Leonard Postrado

Simple fact:

People are being pasaway nowadays not because they are really pasaway. They are just tired of following rules imposed by leaders, who themselves don't even follow the rules.

You want them to take Sinovac and tell them not to be choosy and yet the VIPs in the government are making excuses to have Astra Zeneca instead.

You want them to stay at home, but here is your government official swimming like a dugong with the dolphins, showing off his effin privilege. Let's not forget about the law enforcers and their mañanita.

You want them to wear their face masks and face shields properly and yet you have a stubborn President who doesn't want to wear a mask during his weekly presscon or a senator who isn't wearing his faceshield so that he'll be camera ready in case of another chance encounter of a third kind with the wife, relative, mistress or someone from the press or socmed.

The people have become jaded with rules that are meant only for those who are not in power.

The author is a former reporter for the Manila Bulletin

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