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Keep Your Pet Alive: Vaccinate Pups Against Parvo, Dogs Against Distemper

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Keep Your Pet Alive: Vaccinate Pups Against Parvo, Dogs Against Distemper


By Desiree Carlos

My news feed is getting filled with pups dying from parvo, and dogs fighting distemper, with some losing the battle. Some of the dogs died despite all efforts of owners to save them.

Most of the dogs who survived twitch like they are about to have a seizure anytime. The damage to the nerve system is irreversible, the vets said. Thus if the dog has started twitching during his battle with the distemper virus, the twitching will stay even if he survives.

Nica was six weeks old when she was infected with parvo virus. She survived through an intensive medical intervention which cost a lot! This could have been prevented if her owner had her vaccinated.

To give your pups and adult dogs protection from parvo and distemper respectively, please have them vaccinated. We give the 5-in-1 or 6-in-1 vaccine to our dogs and rescues. Your pup or rescued dog needs a series of shots during the first year, with each shot given every two weeks. Every year thereafter, your dog will be given the booster shot or one shot to protect him from illnesses. Please talk to your vet about this.

However, pet parents must keep their dogs’ immune system strong by giving good food and vitamins recommended by the doctor, exercising or walking them, and making them feel loved by hugging and cuddling them.

When the immune system of a dog gets weak, the dog can still be infected with a deadly virus.

To prevent parvo from infecting rescues and personal dogs, we disinfect cages which were used to bring a dog to the clinic or any public place.

1.When a member of the family has stepped on poop (sometimes, we do not see traces of poop on the road) and brings the shoes inside the house.

2. When the pup is brought to a place where another pup has pooped like parks, restaurants, or the streets (during walking) and the pup steps on the poop or traces of poop, then licks his/her paws.

How does a dog get distemper?

1. The distemper virus is in the air. This means a dog within 500 square meters of a dog positive for distemper can get infected if not vaccinated and his immune system is weak.

2. A dog can get the virus in public places frequented by dogs like malls, parks, and restaurants, among others.

If a human went to a place with dogs and one dog is positive for distemper, the human becomes a carrier.

If one of your dogs has been infected with parvo or distemper, you have to keep your infected dog isolated, as far away as possible from other dogs. You also have to clean spaces all the time, for at least three months, and a maximum of six months.

When we were feeding about 89 dogs in the Cainta pound in 2014 every day for six weeks, all volunteers of Save Animals of Love and Light (Save ALL Inc.) were reminded of the following measures to prevent bringing the virus home to their pets and rescues:

a. When we leave the pound and we are more than 500 meters away from the pound already, even if we do not want to, we sprayed Lysol disinfectant on our bodies and shoes (eyes closed and nose covered of course). We do this to make sure stray dogs or unleashed owned dogs on the streets will not get infected.

b. Stay somewhere else with no dog for at least two hours. But it is better to let four hours pass before going home.

c. Change clothes and shoes in a restroom in a fast food resto or mall where there are no dogs before going home. Put the clothes in a paper or plastic bag, spray Lysol on the clothes again.

d. If you can, wash your face and hands and other exposed skin with Safeguard or a soap that can disinfect.

e. At home, take a bath before entering the house. You can wash your hair and exposed parts in the garage. Change your clothes again.

f. Put clothes in a basin with Joy dishwashing liquid to disinfect your clothes.

g. In another basin, put your shoes. Or spray Lysol thoroughly.

h. If you have a lot of dogs and cats at home, and you have rescues too, please never bring shoes or slippers you wore outside your home inside the house or in areas where the dogs and cats stay.

Recently, we discovered a more effective disinfectant to prevent illnesses in our home, and the places where rescues of Save Animals of Love and Light (Save ALL Inc.) stay. It is easy to use, too, and it is safe for pets. You can directly spray on fur of dogs and cats after a visit to the vet, items used by pets, surfaces, cages, areas you want to clean, shoes you used outside or on a tray which people now put at the entrance of their homes to disinfect.

Save Animals of Love and Light (Save All Inc.) is grateful to Nude Handmade Essentials and Joyce Esteban for sending over these disinfectants and madre de cacao shampoo for the rescues of Save ALL. This will help us keep the areas where dogs and cats stay safe for them as we can disinfect all the time. The madre de cacao shampoo helps us to address better the skin issues of former stray dogs.

Called Clean Pro’s PARVOTECT, it is distributed by Nude Handmade Essentials. Joyce Esteban of Nude Handmade Essentials said “there is no need to dilute it, just spray directly on the surface or area you want to clean. “


· Protects your pets from illness-causing viruses, bacteria, and molds. Clean Pro’s Parvotect is a fragrance-free disinfectant that is effective against parvovirus and adenovirus, among others.
· It is also good to use in areas where a dog with distemper or parvo stayed.

Clean Pro’s Parvotect is available in Lazada Mall, Shopee, Yoorekka, Pickaroo, Grabmart, Pandamart, and Metromart. A gallon of Parvotect is only P820; a litter is P280.

Their madre de cacao shampoo and conditioner protects dogs from ticks and fleas and is only P348 per gallon and P128 per liter.

This article also appears in the Manila Standard

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