, July 21, 2024

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Managing Asian-Hate from a Communications Perspective

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Managing Asian-Hate from a Communications Perspective
Andrew Ratto via Flickr
by Vincent R. Pozon

Advice to Americans of Asian descent from a student of perception management: Push Back

Humbly, you are handling the crisis wrong. You are presenting yourselves as a minority being wronged and discriminated upon, and while this may be true to some extent, it is not an effective way to address the issue. Instead, you need to look the devil in the eye, including the press and the rest of America. There should be a clear and drastic change in the narrative.

You must refuse to be seen solely through the lens of your Asian heritage.

As an Asian-American, you must assert that you are first and foremost Americans, with the same rights to the word 'American' as those of European descent. You should refuse to be seen and protected as a minority but as Americans, equal to everyone else in the country.

Push back, do not defend.

Brand yourselves as "Better Americans". You are American but unAmerican in manners, gentler, inscrutable, healthier, definitely not obese; you are acclaimed in schools and companies, known to be brighter, more polite, and more hardworking.

It's time to reject the appellation "Asian-American" and assert your identity as Americans. As the country becomes more diverse, white Americans will soon be a smaller subset, a minority in a few decades nationally and sooner in certain states. It's time to present yourselves as a desired people, as the future of America.

Demand they speak to you in Chinese, or Tagalog, or Japanese, or Spanish. For these are the languages of the better Americans, the ones who work hard, contribute to the world, and are proud of their heritage and culture and values. While embracing their American identity, it's time to push back against hate and discrimination and assert your rightful place. Frame yourselves differently:

"You're not Asian Americans, you're Better Americans".

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