, June 17, 2024

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Nutrition and Your Dog’s Behavior

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Nutrition and Your Dog’s Behavior
By Dr. Saza Curaming, DVM

The ongoing pandemic has highlighted the benefits of having pets at home. Studies show that having a dog at home contributes to our wellbeing. Our furry animal friends can us help fight stress, build confidence, ease anxiety, and keep loneliness at bay. With all the benefits that dogs bring, it’s no surprise that more Filipinos are welcoming them into their homes. Organizations such as the Animal Kingdom Foundation have amped up their efforts to encourage pet adoption.

These are what a nursing mother needs to keep her healthy and to provide nutrients her pups need.

Of course, the benefits of dog ownership come with greater responsibilities. Regardless of its life stage, a dog will need a pet owner’s regular attention and a healthy diet to develop appropriately. When it comes to dog food, good nutrition is as important to your dog's health as it is to your own, but its nutritional needs are quite different.

A dog’s behavior can be determined by several factors – breed, socialization, environment, and its health. Pet owners should look at these factors if there is a drastic shift in their pets’ behavior.

Nutrition is key to all aspects of a dog’s development, and it is important to keep in mind that small breeds and larger breeds have different nutritional needs. Physically, having the right nutrition can help keep dogs active and healthy and prevent them from being sickly and lethargic.

These human kids provide not only love but also the right food for their pups for them to grow up healthy and strong. Here are the Hammer Sisters Chelsea, Nikki and Chynna and their Lola Mama Chie with their Chowsky pups. These pups have been very therapeutic for these girls, especially during the pandemic.

A healthy dog is generally a happy dog. In terms of behavior, nutrition can help dogs develop good disposition. Excessive chewing, begging and incessant barking are telltale signs that something may be bothering your pooch and you need to make some adjustments.

Another thing to keep in mind is that adequate nutrition should start early. In fact, nutrition starts when the mom is pregnant as she can pass on the right nutrients to the puppies. Pregnant and nursing dogs need high-quality and nutrient-dense pet food, formulated for all life stages for growth.

Once the puppies are out in the world, the DHA in IAMS dog food can assist in brain development for smarter and more trainable puppies. IAMS is also equipped with the right ration of calcium and phosphorus for healthy teeth and bones, essential fatty acids for healthy skin and shiny coat, wholesome grains for better digestion, and an antioxidant rich formula for a healthy immune system.

Dada, a four-year-old Dachshund and asong pinoy (aspin) mixx, is such a good mama to her four pups. Furparent Tet Santos gives her plenty of food-- a mix of vegetables, meat ad a little rice -- to keep her healthy and help her produce more milk.

Tailored dog food solutions such as IAMS provide meaningful care for pet parents of their pets. Otherwise, if nutrients are insufficient for puppies, they cannot absorb proper physical, mental, and social skills needed for development and growth.

As creatures of habit, sticking to a routine diet will prevent dogs from becoming finicky eaters. It is important to be aware of what we feed our pets, since we treat them as part of the family. Feeding your pet with nutritional food appropriate to their age and size helps it develop socialization skills and behaviors which aids in having a long and meaningful life.

Editor’s Note: This article was provided by Mars Petcare.

This article also appears in the Manila Standard

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