, April 22, 2024

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Pandemic Heroes

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Pandemic Heroes

If our physical health managed to avoid the virus, our mental health did not. The Covid Climate is one nobody expected or understood. The isolation, the worrying, and the seeming hopelessness took its toll on many of us. For many, pets were of immense value. They kept us company, they kept us sane, they provided joy, immeasurable joy.  

Do you have a Pandemic Hero? Do you have a good photo of your Hero? Send it through ourbrewphil@gmail.com or through facebook.com/ourbrewph with the keywords "Pandemic Hero" and the name of pet. We'll publish it here. Tell us how it helped you through the past year.

This is Lyanna, and she kept Ira Paulo Pozon and family happy.

"The pandemic put a strain on mental health and interpersonal relationships. Our hero is Lyanna the Corgo. https://www.instagram.com/lyannathecorgo/. She has kept our family strong, brightened every day with her intense energy, inquisitive nature, and her loving and caring demeanor".

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