, May 22, 2024

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"Preaching to the Choir" is about Strengthening your Core Base

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"Preaching to the Choir" is about Strengthening your Core Base

"Preaching to the Choir" is about strengthening your core base.

Leigh McGowan describes herself as as a writer of opinion and  perspective journalism, and a political social media influencer".

She started on YouTube as early as 2011, and was taken aback by the win of Donald Trump. She took a break "to attempt to figure out where my voice fit in the cacophony of political commentary. I relaunched on TikTok in October 2020 & Instagram in December 2020 and quickly grew to around 300K+ followers and 8M+ views cross platforms as @breakfastrant."

Here, McGowan provides a different perspective on preaching to the choir, normally considered a marketing mistake, specifically, a lapse in defining target audiences. While marketing decision makers usually address the general public and the public owned by the competition or the opposition, it wouldn't hurt them to appeal to the core base to make them more ardent, and to get them to buy more.

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