, April 22, 2024

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Pulong Gabadhas

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Pulong Gabadhas
by Gerwin Vic E. Bhuyo

Wala sila magdumili sa pag-agak kanako
diha sa padayong pagpangapkap
sa nagbadhasbadhas
nga mga pulong.

Kanunay silang gatukaw
hinungdan nga ilang nadungog
ang nilagubo ning kasingkasing
ug nabatyagan ang way puas
niyang pagbirig.

Padayon kong mangaliyupo
nga ugma damlag kini molanog
ug mosilaob sa matag tudling
sa kapunawpunawan.

Herd of Words

Translated from the Cebuano by Freya Natasha Fernandez-Dy

They didn't deny me their guidance
while I groped endlessly
amidst the herd of words
as they come and go.

Because of their watchfulness
they were able to hear
the heavy thumping of my heart
and felt its relentless

I will plead tirelessly
that tomorrow soon this will echo
and ignite a flame in every furrow
on the horizon.

About the poet and the translator:

Gerwin Vic Evarretta Bhuyo is an OFW based in Bangkok, Thailand. He is an educator, writer, translator, photographer, and a listener.

Freya Natasha Dy is a Cebuano freelance writer and artsy-crafty mom to a teenage girl. Lover of all things bright and beautiful. She dreams of one day leaving a world that is built on kindness, empathy, and truth to her daughter.

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