, April 22, 2024

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The Finding of Moses (1885) by Frederick Goodall. Oil on canvas.
by Andrew Dickens

i see you as pharoah’s daughter
down by the river of bulrushes
as she comes across
something amazing:
an abandoned baby
a newly birthed poem
floating like a
golden bauble
in the stream

how then can
she turn away
without a comment
as though she cannot see
a parting of waters
a burning bush
and a glimpse
of a strange land
so many years ahead
flowing with milk
with honey

to have seen
the babe in helpless
and to walk on by
without a glimmer of ohmygod
no comment
to her simpering handmaidens
about this marvel
seems casually indifferent
as if such wonders
are so commonplace
she cannot
be bothered
to stop and bathe in
such glory
but ignores the helpless cry
and walks on blithely by

About the Poet:

Andrew Dickens, in his own words

"An old man who majored in English at Kansas University, taught English in Japan, sold investment diamonds in Honolulu, spent six years homeless on the streets of Austin, Texas, San Francisco, and Honolulu with seven months in a radical Christian cult in Honolulu. Now in a relationship with a woman I wish I’d met 30 years ago. Ran the Honolulu Marathon in 1980. Been there, done that."

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