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ScalarPrana Therapy: A natural, Complementary Healing Method

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ScalarPrana Therapy: A natural, Complementary Healing Method
by Mariana Burgos

Natural pet healing has entered the mainstream. Acupuncture, chiropractic care, energy healing methods, and other complementary therapies are being offered by veterinarians and animal welfare advocates all across the country as well as the whole world.

Most of us associate “energy” with things that operate our cars, switch on and off the lights, or provide vitamins. We are unaware that we are made of energy and that energy underlies all of our interactions with other people and animals.

ScalarPrana healers, furparents and pets meet online to help animals in need.

ScalarPrana Therapy, Therapeutic Touch, Reconnective Healing, and other energy medicine techniques are founded on the ideas of resonance and entrainment. Energy healing therapies are complementary treatments that can help your pet heal and live a better life while they are ill or recovering from a surgery done by specialists. I’ve known about several alternative therapy methods for a while, and my daughter and I have been vocal supporters of them for both humans and animals. Because of our financial situation, it began as a necessity. However, as time passed, we began to see how effective these alternative healing modalities are, and we started to actually believe in them more than we did in the conventional methods.

Senior dog Bea, a rescue of Save ALL, was treated for skin problems. Look at her being curious and seemingly feeling the healing energy. She ate a lot of lettuce and renal wet food after the session.

In honor of World Animal Day 2022, on October 8th, Save Animals of Love and Light -Save ALL Inc., an animal welfare group, and Bioenergetics Training Center Inc. (BTCI) collaborated to host a free online therapy session and talk to teach pet owners, caregivers, and rescuers how to use ScalarPrana Therapy to heal their animals and improve their general wellbeing.

BTCI hosted the zoom meeting and staff Aimee Emejas and Miriam Mia did the facilitation. The event started with a discussion of what ScalarPrana Therapy is, the origin of the concept, who conceptualized it, how it is done, and its efficacy on both humans and animals. And this was presented by SP healer Amyh Del Barrio.

Participant Jasmine Julian with her cute furbabies.

ScalarPrana is the potent fusion of Scalar Energy and Prana, two universal energies. Prana originates from the sun and other natural elements, whereas scalar energy is unadulterated energy from the limitless vacuum of the universe. Through the use of techniques from ScalarPrana Therapy, they can be combined to promote multi-level healing. Both energies can be utilized to cure you, other people, your relationships, business or job, pets, and even plants. They can also be absorbed, developed, integrated, transferred, and redirected.

Maricel Mondejar with dog Keira, a Save ALL rescued dog, was losing weight and became a picky eater. Today, she eats better and Maricel noticed any noise does not wake her up easily. She sleeps well now.

The ScalarPrana Therapeutic System was developed by Fe Pacheco, who also wrote the ScalarPrana Primer: The Human Energy System. The effects and benefits of such a method was proven in the event by the testimonials of a couple of pet owners and one of them, Shiela Fallarme, who used to be simply a supporter of ScalarPrana Therapy but now, a healer herself. Her pet dogs Botcho ( who had a severe skin ailment) and Cara (who had fractures due to an accident) were both amazingly healed with Scalar Prana Therapy as complementary therapy.

Putzi had a lump removed two weeks ago and was healed by Miss Gemma to balance her chakras and facilitate her recovery. Cat Fluffy watched the healing session.

Jasmine Julian, Elena Marchesi, Abigail Arcangel, and Ginger Nepumuceno, who registered with BTCI, brought their pets in for therapy. Participants from Save ALL included Desiree Carlos, EO R. Cedeno, Yam Enriquez, Niko Salgado, Maricel Mondejar, and myself. When the treatment sessions started, each of us brought in our own pet/s for healing. All of us, participants, were asked for feedback after the actual healing sessions. I, for one, noticed that my overly energetic dog, Milky, began to calm down as soon as the therapy started. And this was evidently the same for most of the pets that were healed.

Sheila Fallarme, SP healer, with her handsome furbaby Botcho.

The ScalarPrana Healers who generously gave their energies and their time to heal our pets were Amyh Manalang, Enzo Neri, Joy Neri, Roy Kristiawan, Thea Eslava, Gil Cacha, Tina Mayor, Shiela Fallarme, and Gema Gonzales. The zoom meeting even had ScalarPrana Switzerland’s Andreas Schinder grace the event as guest observer.

At the end of the talk, there was, indeed, healing: stress release, cleansed auras, and strengthened auric fields of our pets. With this experience, we recommend you try ScalarPrana Therapy for you and your pets.

Choco, rescued dog of Save ALL Inc. who was adopted by Maricel Mondejar, sleeps a lot better now, and has regained her appetite.

For more information on energy healing sessions, please contact them at ScalarPrana Therapeutic System Email: global.scalarprana@gmail.com Mobile numbers: +63917-1350220 or +63917-1287855 Website: www.scalarprana.com.

About the Author: Mariana Burgos is a freelance artist. She is a solo parent for 15 years now because she is wife to a desaparacido. She and her daughter are animal lovers and are active in advocating not only human rights but the rights of animals as well.

This article also appears in the Manila Standard

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