, June 17, 2024

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Spoons in Mid-air

  •   1 min read
Spoons in Mid-air
Pradeep via Flickr
by Vincent R. Pozon

I will not write of her thinning arms,
of the slowness of spoons, and I ride
every spoon, singing her mouth to open,

I will of her dancing, the jig that
she does when she preens with a dress
on days when aches stay longer in bed,

her fingers fumble inside her large bag
for pills, I see the breathing in her brows,
but she picks a smile from her bag to wear,

she has a cache of smiles in her bag,
fat and fleshy and shrieks at the scale
is the vogue I prefer to see on her,

each spoon is a movie started and slow,
I watch each spoon moving in mid-air,
feeding her mouth engorges my heart.

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