, July 02, 2022

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  February 20, 2022


Marcos bankrupted the Central Bank; it had to be dissolved and replaced by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas....

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  February 14, 2022

"What Happened to All the Promises, Mr. President?"

"Duterte started his six-year presidency boasting that he was a socialist and nationalist, promising that he would put an end to mining, and blaming the World Trade Organization for the ills of Philippine agriculture. Instead, he has achieved exactly the opposite. "...

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  February 13, 2022

If You're Voting for Marcos, I Will Take It Personally

"If, by chance, Marcos wins, I will hold you accountable for it. Because you were too lazy to search for the truth (it’s only a google away), or worse, you simply chose to ignore it."...

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  January 29, 2022

Novak’s No Vac

The Covid-19 pandemic cannot decimate an individual’s inherent right to dissent or refuse vaccination. In the same breath, it cannot defeat the state's right to impose restrictions on the unvaccinated in the interest of public health and general welfare...

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  January 02, 2022

Is Eating Animal Meat Ok with God?

I was brought up in a family who loves all kinds of animals as you all well know by now. My husband came from a family who loves animals, too....

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  December 27, 2021

Bringing Back the Ghost of Marcos

“Babangon muli!” It must have been a Freudian slip that caused the communications brain trust of presidential candidate Ferdinand Marcos Jr. to concoct this campaign slogan....

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