, May 24, 2024

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  April 28, 2023

Politics for Dummies

Our choice of leaders is informed by our political sophistication - or our lack of it. And oftentimes, we get it wrong....

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  April 20, 2023

The Power Fist

Tiger Woods did it. Novak Djokovic does it. Olympians do it. What’s with this phenomenon called fist pumping - an almost obscene gesture not unlike someone giving you the finger?...

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  February 24, 2023

Booksale, Converted Vans and UK (Ukay-Ukay)

The Ukay-ukay is the premier hand-me-down - UK for short. The name itself is nothing to crow about - in fact it’s degrading and undeserving of the high regard that the Salvation Army puts on it....

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  October 27, 2021

She Said What?!

She Said What?!...

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  October 06, 2021

Remember that Indonesian Guy and his Rice Cooker Wife? They’re Now Divorced

Indonesian Man Marries Rice Cooker, Divorces It 4 Days Later...

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  October 05, 2021

In a Brawl? Never Give Up

In a Brawl? Never Give Up...

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