, June 15, 2024

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The Community Pantry Phenomenon has gone Viral

  •   1 min read
The Community Pantry Phenomenon has gone Viral

Hunger incidence jumped to 30%. One girl decided to do something about it.

"Despite Bayanihan I, hunger incidences spiked so badly that the private sector was forced to go into furious hunger intervention," wrote Jose Ma. Montelibano. He was referring to private companies contributing to the need to feed. But one person gave it legs: Ana Patricia Non. She started a circuit involving people with food to spare, farmers needing to sell, people with transportation, and the hungry.

The need was large, and there is no need more basic, more critical, more demanding of attention than hunger. The template is easy, and replicable, hence the virality. After but one month (they just celebrated their 'monthsary'), "some 6,700 pantries have been put up in various parts of the country," wrote Dwight de Leon of Rappler.

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