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Tips to Keep One’s House Free of Cat Stink

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Tips to Keep One’s House Free of Cat Stink
By Desiree Carlos

Bothered by the strong cat smell in the house? The smell of cat poop in the air “violates” your nostrils and is irritating some members of the family?

Don’t lose hope, cat owners. There are things you can do to lessen the stink, if not totally remove the smell.

“We all love our cats, but it’s okay to admit that you are sometimes bothered by the smell. I recently took in a stray kitten, and it reminded me how easily “cat smell” can take over your home if you’re not careful. This 3-pound kitten has potential to produce more stink than our two 70-pound dogs, but I have no one to blame for that than myself. Cats are generally clean pets, and when you adopt the right routine, it’s 100% possible to live with a cat (and even multiple cats) and never smell them. I researched the best odor-fighting tips for my own purposes, and I know from experience that they really do work,” said  Amber in “Tips to Mask the Cat Smell in Your Home” in Cattitude Daily.

Seth, a stray cat, was seen in the backyard of Maricel Mondejar looking sick. He was brought to the vet for treatment of worm infestation. Like other rescued cats of the Mondejar family, Seth learned to use a litter box.

Best strategies to fight cat smell:

1. Get the Right Litter Box

Putting just anything on the floor as a litter box is a mistake. An open litter box like a basin or a plastic pan with raised edges will allow the smell to stay in the air.

“While I think it was useful to teach the kitten to always use a litter box,  the open design did nothing to prevent odors,” Amber said. A covered litter box is great to stop the smell from spreading throughout the house. “Most people recommend covered litter boxes when it comes to preventing cat smell. You can even get a box with built-in air filtration to trap even more odors,” Amber said.

2. Choose the Right Litter

It is not that easy to choose the right kind of litter. There are so many kinds in the market!  You can choose from clay, synthetics, paper, corn, and wood, scented or unscented, clumping or non-clumping. Such overwhelming options!

Amber recommended clumping and unscented litter.  She noted that scented litter only masks the smell a little, and does not totally remove it.

She said: “…you usually end up with a sickening scent of some kind of flower mixed with urine. Unscented litter with specific odor-reducing agents has been working well for us.”

Observe your cat too. He or she will tell you if he or she likes the litter.

“When picking out litter, remember that your cat’s preference matters. Some of our feline friends are especially picky about their choice of litter. If they don’t like it, you’ll end up cleaning cat poop off the floor, and that definitely won’t help with the smell,” Amber said.

Wally, a ginger cat, was rescued three years ago by Cee Mitch from the wall going up to BGC bridge along C5. He does his business outside the house. There are cats who are trained to go out of the house to poop and urinate in a designated area,. You will be surprised. Cats can understand you. Just tell him or her where to poop.

3. Clean the Litter Box More Often

The more you clean the litter box, the less smell.

“Twice a day sounds like a lot of work. But when you’re cleaning more often, you have less to clean each time. It’ll take you about two minutes to get the job done, and having a stench-free house will be worth the effort. Make it part of your routine to clean the litter box every morning and evening,” Amber said.

4. Don’t Forget Full Clean Outs

You can scoop twice every day but clean the entire litter box on a regular basis, or else the smell will stay. Do this every one to two weeks.

“Any longer, and bacteria will start to grow and cause all kinds of stinky problems,” Amber stressed.

To clean the entire litter box:

1. empty all the litter and use soap and water to wash the pan; and

2.  dry the box thoroughly before adding fresh new litter.

3. Add Baking Soda In The Litter Box

Baking soda works, many cat owners have said.

“Regardless of the kind of litter you’re using, you can use this kitchen staple to prevent cat smell. Baking soda doesn’t mask odors, it absorbs them (which is better),” Amber said.

Sprinkle a small amount of baking soda in the box every time you scoop poop and clumped litter.

After a major clean out, put a layer of baking soda at the bottom of the box before you add the new litter. There is already an inexpensive  baking soda specific for cats in the market.

Plingpling, Naynay, Ampy and Janna are all strays who were rescued by the Mondejar family. They are allowed to roam inside the house. There is no irritating cat smell because the cat litter is cleaned regularly.

5. Clean Your Scooper

Many cat owners forget to clean the scooper after each use. “That scoop is coming in direct contact with the stinky stuff, and even plastic can end up smelling,” Amber stressed.Always rinse your scooper after every use to prevent bacteria from taking hold. It is also best to wash it with soap and water every time you do a major litter box clean up.

6. Vacuum More Regularly

Even though the litter box is the “epicenter” of all cat smell, you also need to vacuum your house if you want to remove the stench.

“Cats can track litter through the house when it gets stuck to their paws, and having hair everywhere can contribute to bad smells,” Amber said.

“It’s best to vacuum your house at least once a week. If you have multiple pets, you might have to pull out the vacuum more often. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to regularly wash all the blankets, pillows, and cat beds. Investing in a robot vacuum can also help to keep your house cleaner and is less stress on you,” she added.

This article also appears in the Manila Standard

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