, April 22, 2024

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Today's Exactly100: Glorified Sekyu

  •   1 min read
Today's Exactly100: Glorified Sekyu

Former president Duterte has nothing to lose by defending fugitive doomsday pastor Apollo Quiboloy. 

Hounded by the International Criminal Court (ICC) for war crimes and out of favor with the current administration, Duterte has been grabbing every opportunity to hog the headlines in the hope of reasserting his diminished political clout. Like his BFF Quiboloy, Duterte is desperately seeking protection from accountability for his past misdeeds. 

Duterte has been named administrator of Quiboloy’s properties, the self-anointed son god choosing a “sanofabits” as property custodian and security guard. If and when the FBI comes knocking, will the sekyu let them in?/Joey Salgado

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