, April 22, 2024

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Today's Exactly100: “Inclusive Growth” - A Horrendous Phrase

  •   1 min read
Today's Exactly100:  “Inclusive Growth” - A Horrendous Phrase

It was probably born in the heart of the capitalist, turned into philosophy by academicians and politicians. “Let’s include the people who make up the country, make sure something trickles down. Let's make it a program of government, call it "inclusive growth".

GDP and stockmarket highs are of naught unless there are more breadwinners winning, more children in school without having to alternate siblings, more instances there is food on the table, and more times it isn't the cheapest instant noodle brand miraculously made many by water.

The growth that matters in this poor country is growth of the many. /Vincent R. Pozon

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