, April 22, 2024

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Today's Exactly100: Talking to Myself and Feeling Old

  •   1 min read
Today's Exactly100: Talking to Myself and Feeling Old

Since turning 60, my sleeping habits have become borderline provincial: bed by 9:30 am, up at 4: 30 am, 5 am at the latest.  

A few nights ago, after drinking half a cup of strong coffee and listening to records on a drool-inducing audiophile system, I found myself unable to sleep. Mild panic began to set in.

I contemplated my options. I settled on a strong drink. A bad idea. Past 2 am, I was having a drunken conversation with myself that escalated into a finger-wagging debate. Of course, I won. By then it was time to feed my cats. /Joey Salgado

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