, July 18, 2024

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Upholding Compassion: Advocating for the Care of Philippine Prison Strays

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Upholding Compassion: Advocating for the Care of Philippine Prison Strays
Strays in Bulacan are fed by a concerned human. ( Photo from Save Animals of Love and Light- Save ALL Inc.)
By Mariana Burgos

CARA Welfare Philippines has initiated a poignant petition titled “Advocate for Care of Philippine Prison Strays Instead of Ban,” addressing a recent proposal in the Philippines to prohibit cats and dogs from prisons. This move is purportedly aimed at curbing the spread of rabies and safeguarding K9 units from fleas and ticks, sparking concern within the animal welfare community.

CARA Welfare Philippines stands firm in its belief that stray animals, just like any other living beings, deserve compassion, care, and protection. Instead of endorsing a ban that might lead to the capture and unfortunate demise of these animals, the petition advocates for alternative, humane measures.

The heart of this petition lies in proposing practical and ethical solutions for the welfare of these prison-stricken strays. They suggest utilizing the earmarked 10-million-fund in the following ways:

Healthcare Measures: Allocate resources for essential care, including anti-rabies vaccinations, flea and tick preventatives, ensuring the well-being of these animals within the prison environment.

A volunteer feeds stray dogs in Pasay. (Save ALL photo)

Training and Integration: Consider training select stray dogs to be a part of the K9 units, giving them a purpose and contributing to the prison security infrastructure.

Community Education: Launch comprehensive educational initiatives aimed at instilling responsible pet ownership among Filipinos. Addressing the root causes of the stray animal population is pivotal to sustainable solutions.

The petition emphasizes the profound impact of such programs. It highlights examples from other countries where prison animal programs have significantly reduced stress, anxiety, and depression among inmates. This approach underscores a dual benefit, enhancing the lives of both incarcerated individuals and the animals themselves.

CARA Welfare Philippines brings attention to a crucial aspect supported by World Animal Protection’s report (2018): vaccination emerges as a more humane and effective method in controlling diseases among stray populations, far superior to methods like culling or impounding.

Acknowledging the investment required to implement these proposals, CARA Welfare Philippines underscores the value of such efforts. It’s not merely an allocation of resources but an investment in creating a society that embodies compassion and empathy for all beings, irrespective of their species.

The petition urges the government to collaborate with animal welfare groups, fostering a partnership that seeks humane solutions concerning animal welfare in the country. It aims to veer away from choices that might result in the unnecessary loss of many stray animal lives.

Individuals are called upon to support this cause by signing the petition. By doing so, they stand for the advocacy of providing care, compassion, and necessary treatments to Philippine prison strays, opposing the proposed ban. It’s a collective voice advocating for the dignity and well-being of these animals.

In conclusion, “Advocate for Care of Philippine Prison Strays Instead of Ban” by CARA Welfare Philippines reflects the importance of considering humane alternatives when addressing public health concerns linked with stray animals. It champions the universal principle that every life deserves respect, care, and protection. This petition symbolizes a collective effort towards building a more compassionate and inclusive society.

This article also appears in the Manila Standard

About the Author: Mariana Burgos is a freelance artist. She has been a solo parent for 16 years now because she is wife to a desaparecido. She and her daughter are animal lovers and are active in advocating not only human rights but the rights of animals as well.

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