, February 26, 2024

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Vitamin A-Rich Mango is Safe for Dogs

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Vitamin A-Rich Mango is Safe for Dogs

Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash


By Desiree Carlos

Mangoes remind us of sunny beaches, beautiful sunsets, an awesome sunrise, and the relaxing sound of the waves of the sea. We love that sweet  flesh of ripe mangoes, and savor its delicious  juices in our fruit shake.

But can you give mangoes to dogs? Is it safe for dogs?

In “ Can Dogs Eat mango? 12 Questions Answered,” Pet Rescue reminded  furparents that not all fruits can be given to dogs.  But one safe fruit is mango, a tropical fruit that is highly beneficial for dogs as it contains  Vitamins A, B6, C, and E, potassium, alpha and beta-carotene, Pet Rescue said.

Please remember to remove the skin and the core or "buto" before giving to your dog to prevent choking.

You can give mangoes to dogs but Pet Care Press (PCP)  in “Can dogs eat mango?” warned that mangoes are full of sugar. Dogs with  diabetes or borderline diabetic should not be given mangoes.  Thus, you should ask your vet  first if you can give mangoes to your dog.  

Mangoes can not be given frequently, PCP said. You can give mango to your dog once a week or once in two weeks is enough, Pet Rescue said.

“A slice or two of mango should be an infrequent treat for your dog as too much can lead to weight issues and the problems that come with it. But every now and then it will be fine,” PCP said.

Pet Rescue stressed that “an excessive amount of this fruit can be fatal for your dog. Try to feed the smaller amounts and usually as a snack, not a meal.”

“A quarter cup of mango for your dog would be ideal. As well as avoid feeding him the mangoes on daily basis. The regular consumption of mango for your dog is not good. So, always give your dog the smaller ratios and once in a while. It will be more beneficial as the vitamins and potassium in the mangoes are necessary for your dog to intake, “Pet Rescue said.

Krauss, rescued dog of Save Animals of Love and Light-Save ALL Inc. , loves to pick mangoes with us humans. The mangoes can be given to dogs in small amounts. Remember, a mango is a warming food, thus it is best to give it during cold months, or give cucumber with it during hot months so as not to cause too much heat in the body.

More tips and warning:

1. Do not give the  raw mango to your dog without the skin  and the pit or buto.

“The skin is not guaranteed to cause problems, but it is certainly possible (so why take this risk?) And it won’t be good for you either. Second, never let your dog get your hands on a mango pit as this can be a real choking hazard for any dog. Essentially, we recommend feeding your dog mangoes the way you would eat them – skinless and stone-free,” PCP said.

2.   Mangoes has a lot of fiber which is good  but if your dog suffers from an unbalanced digestive system, ask your vet a better way to include fiber in  your dog’s diet.

3.  For pups and tiny dogs, cut the mango into small slices.” Make the “biteable” pieces so your little friend can enjoy them perfectly. Otherwise, you can also let him eat that as he wants,” Pet Rescue said.

4.  Mangoes can be given chilled but not too often. “Although mango is only available in summers and eating frozen things in the summer season provides a pleasing effect,” Pet Rescue said.

Rafa and Nica (brown), both Save ALL rescues who survived parvo, love to smell the mangoes as we pick them during the summer months.

5.  But “You must also keep in mind the health factors of your dog as well. Feeding the frozen can become dangerous for your dog’s health in certain conditions. Also, serving fresh mango to your dog is highly preferred,” Pet Rescue said.  Thus, it is best to consult your vet first.

6.  Always remember to give the right amount and in the right way. “Removing the pit is essential because it can be toxic to a dog’s health. The pit of the mango contains cyanide and it can be deadly for your pet,” Pet Rescue said.

“Overall, it is a perfect treat for your dog   and you can feed it whether in the frozen form or at room temperature. Your dog will be going to enjoy this delicious treat,” Pet Rescue said.

“The mangoes are rich in vitamins, potassium, and fiber, which makes them a perfect fruit for your pet dog. But the only thing to look for is to avoid overconsumption of mango, “ it added.

This article also appears in the Manila Standard

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