, June 25, 2024

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Aviation Gin, in the owner's own words

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Aviation Gin, in the owner's own words

"Aviation American Gin is a brand of gin first produced in Portland, Oregon, by founders Christian Krogstad and Ryan Magarian in 2006. It is referred to as an 'American dry gin', meaning the taste profile is less strongly juniper flavored than some other gins. It is produced by House Spirits Distillery." Wikipedia.

But never mind all that. It's on this page, deservingly, because of the advertisement that Ryan Reynolds of Deadpool fame created for it, an ad that actually laughs at the industry's techniques of image shaping.

Phil LaBoon, Digital Marketer, calls it "a marketing master piece". "This commercial is 1:40 and keeps you engaged the entire way through, while most companies struggle to get someone to watch their videos for 7 seconds," he continues.

And if the video makes you interested in the product, you will want to know that "Wine Enthusiast magazine awarded Aviation American Gin a 97-point rating in 2012, the highest rating the magazine has given to any gin."

Enjoy the advertisement.

Here's a video he sent to The Drum when someone asked how they came up with the slogan.

Our Brew's Ads We Wish We Wrote

The People behind Our Brew's Ads We Wish We Wrote are communications experts. They have maneuvered cars into your garages, grocery items into your cupboards and refrigerators, burgers and beer onto your dining tables, desires into your dreams, and airplane tickets into your breast pockets. They have prospered local and global corporations for decades, helped you in choosing your leaders, presidents included. These are senior folks -- mentors in the trade of advertising, public relations, crisis management, perception management.

They like to doff their hats when they see a good advertisement.

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