, June 17, 2024

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Feeding the Cat

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Feeding the Cat

By Joey Salgado

A sliver of morning sun
Sets off a routine that begins
With feeding the cat
Followed by chamomile tea on the terrace.
Breakfast in bed, usually toast, bacon and free range-eggs
While the help mops the tiled floor, supervised as always
To make sure they are clean of the previous day’s dirt
Speckless, like conscience, free of remorse or guilt
Over pantry, freezer and refrigerator groaning with hoarded food
Served for lunch
While family gossips. Who has the virus, who died, alone
The poor and their inability to distance socially
Or order food online.
Why go to the market and catch the plague?
Be secure instead in a fortress, isolated from the real world
Immersed in the virtual
Tik-tok, IG, You Tube, messages sent, memes shared, seen-zone

A bottle of wine at dusk. Not empe or gin mind you
But new world by choice
The alcohol buzz
Leads to sleep, fitful
Dreams of snakes, soldiers, bayonets,
Garbage trucks, chest exploding
Must not scream. Wait for
The sliver of morning sun
that sets off the day’s routine
With feeding the cat.

April 22 2020

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