, May 22, 2024

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Trillanes Vs. the Opposition, Round 2

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Trillanes Vs. the Opposition, Round 2

By publicly criticizing Vice President Leni Robredo for talking to other politicians - while ignoring him - Trillanes is undermining Robredo’s efforts to unify the opposition. How do you solve a problem like Trillanes?

Former mutineer and senator Antonio Trillanes IV recently took to social media to express his displeasure over Vice President Leni Robredo’s meeting with Senators Panfilo Lacson and Richard Gordon.

The talks are part of Robredo’s efforts to unify the opposition in preparation for the May 2022 national elections.

With his tirades on social media, Trillanes has placed Robredo, the de facto leader of the opposition, on his political hit list. He is also implying that by talking to Lacson and other personalities that the ex-senator loathes, Robredo is betraying the opposition’s cause.

The ex-mutineer’s purist, some would say hard-headed, insistence on a solid anti-Duterte slate is seen by many within the opposition ranks as a recipe for political suicide.

Robredo to give way to Lacson?; ‘No way’ says Trillanes, Magdalo
The Nation’s Leading Newspaper

What prompted the tantrum? In another post, Trillanes said while Robredo has been meeting with other politicians, she has so far ignored his requests for a meeting.

The Office of the Vice President was not pleased with Trillanes’ tantrum.

Robredo camp tells Trillanes: ‘Extremely premature’ to talk about ‘giving way’ for 2022 polls
Vice President Leni Robredo’s camp on Wednesday told former senator Antonio Trillanes IV that it was too early to talk about “giving way” to any potential candidate in the 2022 elections.

Senator Franklin Drilon, the Senate minority leader and a senior member of Robredo’s Liberal Party, gave Trillanes a reality check.

Drilon counters Trillanes: Opposition needs ‘big tent’ to win in 2022
‘It is difficult enough to present yourself as an alternative to this administration if we are not united,’ says the Liberal Party vice chairman

Since leaving the Senate, Trillanes has proven to be an unreliable ally of Robredo, and a highly divisive figure even within the ranks of the opposition.

Trillanes Vs. the Opposition
Trillanes has always been all bark and no bite. Yet he may have succeeded in sabotaging the opposition’s unity efforts

His self-righteous posturing, arrogance, and personal attacks on other political personalities are seen as obstacles to opposition unity. With allies like Trillanes, who needs enemies? Joey Salgado

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