, March 01, 2024

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Jing Montealegre

15 posts

  November 09, 2022

Relics, Memorials and Robert E. Lee

In 2019, before the Black Lives Matter movement really got going after the brutal murder of George Floyd, I wrote down with hysterical glee how some Americans vented their anger at statues and relics of the past....

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  May 05, 2022

The Marcos Restoration: A National Shame

Hadn’t the revolution promised so much and given very little? Don’t we have the same unresponsive government? The same patronage system? The widespread corruption in all levels of the government? The continuing plunder of taxpayer money?...

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  November 05, 2021

In Search of Ana, Gina and Hidilyn

Heroes don’t usually lurk in Starbucks or in grand ballrooms or in corridors of power......

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  August 15, 2021

From Tiny Bubbles to Big Lockdown

But being poor is no excuse for incompetence and inefficiency. We have thrown away gains we’ve achieved last year through poor thinking and poor planning...

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  May 09, 2021

The Chinese Horde

Should we send Lapu-lapu to fight the Chinese? The Coconut Republic, a brief, unauthorized history of the Philippines published in 2017, says we do so. It is our Book Feature....

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  March 31, 2021

“What’s the buzz, tell me what’s happening?”

Jesus Christ Superstar is a damn good musical, great even, but it does not measure up to the revolutionary message of Nikos Kazantzakis’ ‘The Last Temptation of Christ’...

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